Get to Know NEOMED's Pediatric Action Club

NEOMED’s American Academy of Pediatrics - Pediatric Action Club (AAP-PAC) promotes pediatrics and engages College of Medicine students through speakers, events and volunteer opportunities. Isabelle Mawby, a second-year medicine student and co-president of AAP-PAC, shares more about the organization.

Tell us about AAP-PAC.

IM: The American Academy of Pediatrics - Pediatric Action Club is aimed at encouraging student interest in the field of pediatrics. There are normally over 50 members each year! Membership allows students  to become affiliated with the American Academy of Pediatrics, which is a national organization. There are many opportunities for interested students to engage with pediatric speakers, events and volunteer opportunities. Last year, we began a pediatric mentoring program with Akron Children’s Hospital that matched medical students with a pediatrician in their specialty of choice. The program was a huge success. We even won student organization of the year last year because of it! Overall, AAP-PAC is one of the most involved clubs on campus and has an amazing positive energy surrounding it.

Who can become involved with AAP-PAC?

IM: Anyone! Even if you’re not sure pediatrics is for you, all are welcome to take part in the club. 

If you want to join a club that is highly involved, AAP-PAC is for you. Over the year there are numerous volunteer and speaker events, and you can select which ones you would like to participate in. For example, opportunities this year will include Read to Lead, which is a new virtual program in which students are able to read to children via Zoom for an hour or two weekly; Project Linus, where we make blankets for children in hospitals; learning how to do a pediatric physical; making masks for children; the opportunity to be a Make-A-Wish Wish granter; participating in AAP-PAC’s annual “Ball for Babies” basketball tournament; Down’s Syndrome Awareness Day; guest specialty speakers; and more.

Additionally, the mentoring program is an amazing way to network. The mentors we assign students are meant to last all throughout medical school. The program really encourages guidance and purposeful connection between physicians and students, and the relationships students have been able to build with their mentors are incredible. We plan to host four meetings throughout the year for all students and mentors to take part in a Zoom dinner with a guest speaker presentation. However, students are free to meet with their mentor as much as they’d like!

Introduce us to AAP-PAC’s board!

  • Isabelle Mawby, co-president
  • Adrianna Nicholson, co-president
  • Hannah Girgis, co-vice president
  • Krithika Sundaram, co-vice president
  • Carla Baaklini, secretary,
  • Puja Mohan, treasurer,
  • Prapti Dalal, community service chair

In your opinion, why are student organizations like AAP-PAC important?

IM: It's really hard to say what specialties you're interested in with no exposure, and student orgs like ours allow students to begin specialty exploration and find their niche. Additionally, I have seen through AAP-PAC that clubs are great for bringing lots of like-minded students together. We hear all of the time that people in peds are some of the kindest and happiest people (which I believe to be true). Also, these organizations provide great CV builders, leadership opportunities and ways to get involved in the community.

AAP-PAC is a great club with lots of amazing opportunities. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at or 234.380.3329.

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