Get to Know NEOMED's Rx Abuse Prevention Club

NEOMED’s Rx Abuse Prevention Club (RxAP) offers students the opportunity to step into local communities with the shared goal of preventing over-the-counter and prescription drug abuse through education.

Kaitlin Fair, a third-year College of Pharmacy student and RxAP president, shares more about the club.

Tell us more about RxAP.

KF: All NEOMED students are welcome to join — no matter which college they are affiliated with. RxAP welcomes all, as it is our job to work together to prevent medication misuse. We educate high school-aged children in the surrounding areas on drug misuse. We also host speakers who educate our own students on substance use disorder, which can be seen throughout the different fields of pharmacy and medicine.

Who else is part of RxAP?

KF: Our E-board includes Mason Hawes, P2, as secretary; Mohenad Rasoul, P3, as treasurer; Allison Garner, P3, as vice president; and me as president.

How can students get involved with RxAP?

KF: RxAP plans to continue to bring the community together through Zoom discussions with speakers and virtual events. We still plan to present to local high schools this year via Zoom, as well.

If you would like to get involved in our organization, please feel free to join our RxAP Presence page or email me at

Photo: Members of RxAP pose with Russell Spieth, Ph.D., NEOMED’s former managing director of campus mental health, following a presentation on substance use disorder in 2019.

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