Get to Know NEOMED’s Student National Pharmaceutical Association

Mariah Carlton, a rising third-year College of Pharmacy student, introduces NEOMED’s Student National Pharmaceutical Association chapter, which she serves as president.

Tell us about SNPhA.

MC: SNPhA is an educational, service association of pharmacy students who are concerned about the profession of pharmacy, health care issues, and poor minority representation in these areas. SNPhA’s mission is to coordinate programs to help educate and improve the health of underserved minority communities.

Who can become involved with SNPhA?

MC: Pharmacy students, pre-pharmacy students and high school students thinking about pursuing a career in pharmacy in the future.

Why do you encourage students to join SNPhA?

MC: It’s an opportunity for students to develop leadership and professional skills. Students can actively participate in promoting and educating others about health care issues in underserved communities. If students want to be a role model in minority health specifically, and to help develop a positive image of the minority health profession, this is the organization for them.

Especially since SNPhA  is new on campus, the organization has room for growth. If there are students with ideas to help us match the success of our fellow Ohio chapters, this is the perfect time for them to join.

In your opinion, why is it important for student orgs like SNPhA to be present at NEOMED?

MC: SNPhA is an essential organization to NEOMED’s campus because we specifically cater to the needs of the underserved and unrepresented communities. A lot of the other pharmacy organizations on campus are more specialty-specific (clinical, community, compounding, etc.) but our organization is specific to the people.

Who is on SNPhA’s board?

  • Mariah Carlton, president
  • Ikenna Ogwuegbu, vice president
  • Dijana Zivic, president elect
  • Pratik Patel, treasurer
  • Sarah Phillis, secretary
  • Goular Shokrgozar, community service chair
  • Ezziree Morrow, pharmacy class representative
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