Get to Know Whales Oversee

Tina Shcherbakov, a second-year College of Pharmacy student, is working with six classmates to launch a new pharmacy leadership student organization called Whales Oversee.

Despite social distancing requirements, Shcherbakov says Whales Oversee plans to have an active first year, using Zoom meetings to host guest speakers and hold interactive workshops.

The Pulse asked Shcherbakov to tell us more about the group.

Why did you start Whales Oversee?

TS: I became interested in this topic while completing my M.B.A. in pharmaceutical and health care marketing. Completing that degree taught me that there is another side of pharmacy besides direct patient care, and there are many opportunities for pharmacists to use these skills in unique ways.

The goal of this organization is to help pharmacy students develop administrative skills that allow them to develop their careers outside of the basic pharmacy duties.

You’re the president of the group. Who is helping you lead the way with this new organization?

TS: The following students and faculty advisors are leading along with me:

  • Anthony Angyal, P2
  • Jake Girardot, P3
  • Leila Jugo, P2
  • Zachary Pilz, P2
  • Jacob Smearman, P2
  • Miljan Terzic, P3
  • Jaclyn Boyle, Pharm.D. (’12), assistant dean of student success
  • Scott Wisneski, Pharm.D., director for the Health-System Pharmacy Administration (HSPA) master's degree program

Give us your best pitch for students interested in joining Whales Oversee.

TS: Right now is the best time to begin thinking about how you want to present yourself as a leader and how you will develop professionally. Whether you have experience or not, you can develop your style of leadership.

Whales Oversee will help students think about other valuable skills besides the ones being taught in the main curriculum. It will help students build their professional network, gain confidence and encourage them to explore a broader range of career opportunities within the field of pharmacy.

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