Global Friendship Initiative Launches at NEOMED

“When someone from NEOMED invites a visitor to their home for dinner, to go with them to a Cavs game or a hike in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, or to join them for a local fair or an arts event, it gives the visitor a personal taste of the things that make Northeast Ohio distinctive and special. In turn, that helps them understand the culture at NEOMED,’’ says Victor Torres, director of Global Engagement.

NEOMED values diversity, and its new Global Friendship Initiative aims to bring together international visitors with faculty, staff members and students — and their families — for a unique and fulfilling cultural exchange.

The University’s goal is for the Global Friendship Initiative to encourage both international visitors and NEOMED faculty, staff and students to learn about different cultures and create friendships that extend beyond national borders. New friendships will help to ease the transition to the U.S. for international visitors, says Torres, noting that the initiative aligns with one of the six core values of NEOMED: Community.

“It’s a tool to help build a stronger community — one that is more welcoming to people of different cultures. My hope is that it empowers us to share our cultural differences and find common ground,” says Torres, who in addition to his regular duties is also faculty advisor to a student organization called Students for Medical Missions Services, and to the newly formed Latino Medical Student Association.    

Open to All

The Global Friendship Initiative is open to all international visitors at NEOMED, as well as all faculty, staff, students and their families.

Visit the website to learn more. Questions? Email Victor Torres, or call him at 330.325.6184.

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