He really is ok!

 The Pulse received a message late yesterday evening from Daniel Blain, vice president for advancement. He wanted everyone to know that he was doing well as many were concerned that he was taken away by an ambulance upon experiencing an onset of sweating and shaking in a morning meeting.

Feeling ”normal,” Blain even Pulse-messaged us a few extras:

The Pulse: What happened?

DB: A combination of things ― exhausted from partying too much on Nate's 5th, trying to keep up with the Prez on Wednesday’s walk with leader, and looking forward to Commencement.

Pulse: We heard it was really the Cavs play that's got you down?

DB: I am suffering from CAS?

Pulse: What’s that?

DB: Cavs Anxiety Syndrome ― brought on every time LeBron leaves the game for over 30 seconds.

Pulse: Isn't this taking "whatever it takes" too far?

DB: That's a lot of questions for a man in my condition.  And yes it is!


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