Heat Alert Issued

The high temperatures that began last week are predicted to continue through Friday, July 6. The power demand on the electrical grid for this part of the country will be stressed.  NEOMED has received an alert from PJM (a Regional Transmission Organization) specifying the need for major energy users to reduce power consumption. 

NEOMED, along with other local universities and schools, are part of a Demand Response program that has agreed to lower electrical consumption to help secure the availability of power across the grid.  Unless a critical power shortage is reached, NEOMED has agreed to reduce our electrical consumption by turning off as many lights and computers while still be able to work/learn and reduce and/or shut down air handlers.  Obviously, this means certain areas or entire buildings may get warmer than normal until the Demand Response alert is cancelled.

Knowing this ahead of time, Campus Operations asks that windows stay shut at all times as opening windows produces a loss of control of pressure, humidity, and temperature.  If room conditions become too uncomfortable by Monday afternoon, you may want to seek another part of campus to finish your day.

Buildings and areas HVAC possibly affected on Monday would be: A, B, C offices, D offices, E offices, G, R, P, RGE offices, Regula Conference Center, and Wasson.

Research labs, CMU, NEW Center, and the Village should be unaffected by Monday’s possible actions unless PJM requires a more critical approach where the campus would need to run on emergency power (generators).  We are not anticipating that at this time.  We do ask that people in the “unaffected” areas reduce power consumption as much as possible.

Everyone is welcome to dress comfortably and business appropriate based upon your department during these anticipated 90 degree days. Your patience and compliance is sincerely appreciated.


Information  from Dale Hluch, director of campus operations.

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