Imposter Syndrome and Ways to Fight It

In a recent blog post, Jaclyn Boyle, Pharm.D. (’12) and Sara Bonenfant discuss Imposter Syndrome — feelings of “being underserving or being exposed as a fraud.”

The Northeast Ohio Medical University College of Pharmacy assistant dean of student success and an assistant professor of pharmacy practice, along with Bonenfant, a rising fourth-year College of Pharmacy student, write about Imposter Syndrome’s long-term effects and offer ways to overcome those feelings, such as accepting imperfection and visualizing success.

If you’d like to develop skills to manage Imposter Syndrome, check out an online tool called TAO (Therapy Assistance Online), recently made available at NEOMED. TAO is a National Science Foundation-approved training program that students can access privately and for free. It’s possible to dip in and out, spending just the amount of time you want on the focused training or education that you seek.

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The post by Dr. Boyle and Bonenfant was published in Pulses – not this similarly named NEOMED newsletter, but a scholarly blog supported by Currents in Pharmacy Teaching & Learning. Read the pair’s blog on Imposter Syndrome.

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