Information Security @ NEOMED: Update #3, New Training

To assist in strengthening our information security program and bring more awareness to the evolving aspects of information security, we are proud to announce that in conjunction with Academic Technology Services, we have updated our Information Security Awareness Training available in the NEOMED Success Center

  • The link above will take you directly to the training within the NEOMED Success Center once logged into your NEOMED account.
  • The training now includes two new courses on Mobile Security and Phishing in addition to a broader Privacy and Information Security course.

As we have discussed over the past year in The Pulse, information security is critical to safeguarding both personal information and University information. Malicious efforts are ever evolving, and technology alone is not enough to ensure strong information security practices. People are ultimately the driving force behind the strength and success of information security programs, and as employees, it is our shared responsibility to protect University Data and Systems. As such, you are encouraged to take this training.

Information security awareness training will evolve alongside the expansion of our information security program, so stay tuned for new offerings in the future! If you need additional assistance with the training, please contact Jonathan Wagner at Thank you.

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-Submitted by Jonathan Wagner

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