Information Technology Update: Introducing Wi-Fi 6

“Wi-Fi 6 is a game changer in connectivity, offering consumers exactly what they are seeking – the fastest, most responsive and reliable Wi-Fi for their always-connected lives. – Intel Corporation

The Department of Information Technology has completed the installation of a 10G network upgrade project throughout the NEOMED technology infrastructure.

Welcome to the latest generation of wireless connectivity!

In addition to a replacement of the wired network, we have also completed a replacement of the wireless infrastructure.  This latest generation of wireless connectivity is a significant upgrade to our wireless capabilities across the University campus, particularly in spaces where large numbers of users & devices have typically experienced poor wireless performance. In addition to an upgrade in technology, we have also increased the number of access points around the campus from 200 to 342, bolstering performance in areas of high usage like large teaching spaces and common gathering areas.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their patience the past three months as we worked diligently to expedite the installation of our new network solutions. We feel confident that the NEOMED community will be happy with the results and should have a much better experience when utilizing the new wireless network. We will continue to monitor performance and make adjustments if necessary, to ensure peak performance. 

Please feel free to contact the help desk at ext. 6911 should you have any questions or concerns.

-Submitted by Ronald McGrady

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