Innovative Education Opportunity Graduates Inaugural Class

The Bio-Med Science Academy held its inaugural commencement ceremony for the school’s first graduating class Thursday, June 16, 2016. Several Bio-Med graduates, who were selected by their classmates as commencement speakers, addressed the audience and shared many stories about how Bio-Med impacted them during the past four years. The student speakers also thanked Stephanie Lammlein and her team for giving them an opportunity to be part an innovative approach to education that would not have been possible in their neighborhood high schools.

After receiving their diplomas, the 44 students were met with an extended standing ovation from family, friends, teachers and loved ones for their inspiring journey to become the Academy’s first graduating class.

“We have all come so far since freshman year,” stated Bio-Med graduate Trista Finch. “We started as strangers, but we have grown as individuals and together as a family. We can look back at this school and know that we have helped build it as much as it has helped build us. And because of this, the growth will not stop after today for myself and each of my classmates.”

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