Instructions for using Study Rooms During COVID

For the duration of the pandemic, we want to remind students who are studying on campus that masks must be worn in any study room when more than one person is present. In addition, if more than one person is present in the study area, 6 ft. distancing must be followed as per the existing furniture set up. We ask that you not move tables or chairs as they have been set up to specifically follow the distancing requirements during COVID. Please take note of the capacity of any study space you are using and be sure not to exceed posted limits. Lastly, we would like to remind you to wear masks when studying in any open study areas such as lounges, NEW Center small group rooms, or 24/7 Library Study areas. Detailed COVID guidelines are provided below regarding lounges and common spaces. Please follow the guidelines below which are also available on the Return to Campus website.

Common & Public Areas, Eating Areas, Lounges, Classrooms & Other Spaces 

  • The maximum capacity of all campus spaces and locations has been determined and will be posted to ensure physical distancing.
  • Common and public areas will either be closed or reconfigured to maintain physical distancing and minimize gatherings.
  • Common areas, eating areas, lounges, classrooms, and other congregating areas have furniture arranged to promote physical distancing with signage to not move furniture. The placement of furniture is meant to be sustained and enforced.
  • Masks must be worn in open study lounges and common areas.
  • When in a closed study room, masks must be worn when more than one person is present. Additionally, 6 ft social distancing must be followed.
  • Please take note of the capacity of all study and other areas and take care not to exceed posted limits.
  • Plexiglass shields at common access areas such as reception desks will be assembled to the extent feasible.  Please note that masks are required even in areas separated by plexiglass.

-Submitted by Sandra Emerick

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