Instructions Regarding Student Lockers and Keys

As part of our plan to address COVID-19 while maintaining business continuity, the Office of the Registrar would like to share the following information regarding student lockers and keys.

  • Students must follow protocol to come to campus to retrieve any items from their lockers.
  • The Registrar’s office has ordered a lock box that has been installed by campus operations. Students can place their key in an envelope (with name and locker # on the envelope) and return the locker key. This lockbox is located just outside of office suite R-121.
  • Keys will need to be returned no later than July 1.
  • If a student has retrieved all items from their locker and has left campus, they may return the key by mail at the following address:       

ATTENTION: Office of the Registrar
4209 State Route 44
Rootstown, OH 44272

Thank you.

--Submitted by the Office of the Registrar

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