Join NEOMED in the Med Out the Vote Competition

NEOMED is collaborating with the MED OUT THE VOTE and VotER teams to enter into the National Medical School Voter Registration Competition.

A couple things to know up front - the competition began August 1 and will feature fifty schools nationwide. There's a leaderboard that will be updated intermittently. All voter registration events and mail in ballot requests will count towards our school’s cumulative score. We get a point for either process.

Use the methods below NOW to register to vote or to request an absentee ballot! It takes two minutes, max!

Feel free to share our NEOMED-specific link and ask family members and friends about voter registration with this question:

“With all that’s going on with COVID-19, I want to make sure you can vote in a safe and healthy way if you’re able to this election. Are you ready to vote in the upcoming election?“

You can also update your email signature to help support this initiative:

"I want to make sure you have a healthy, safe voting experience this November. NEOMED is supporting the "Med Out the Vote" initiative to protect and improve healthcare by making sure that voices are heard through YOUR vote. Text "VOTE NEOMED" to 34444 or visit to register to vote and/or register for an absentee ballot!'

As advocates for our patients, this competition is more than a contest. We hope to see more people register to vote or register for an absentee ballot over the next few months.

SNMA, LMSA, AMSA student leaders

-Submitted by Diamanta Panford

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