Lean Six Sigma Program Launching at NEOMED

Lean Six Sigma has long been established in the business world as a problem-solving methodology.  Those who go through its training and certification learn to use data to identify the root cause of a problem, then develop and implement solutions to make their workplace run more effectively and efficiently.

Now, as people across the country are being asked to work from home as a safety measure, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, NEOMED is developing an online program called Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Principles to meet its own challenge: finding a productive use of time for employees whose responsibilities are such that they can’t be accomplished offsite. NEOMED has developed the Introduction to Lean Six Sigma principles program – part of a larger initiative to be rolled out by the University – to introduce its concepts to employees so that they can develop new skills that will help them solve organizational challenges at NEOMED.

Participating in the program during normal work hours allows employees to remain productive members of their teams. With the foundational knowledge gained by this training, employees may determine if they wish to continue learning and complete formal yellow or green belt certification.

How to participate

The Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Principles program begins Thursday, March 19. NOTE: It does not lead to yellow or green belt certification, but those who complete the program requirements will receive a Certificate of Completion from NEOMED.

The free, online program is open to NEOMED employees and limited to 300 participants.  Learn more.

 For questions, contact LSS@neomed.edu.

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