The College of Pharmacy Office of Student Success recently hosted Marvin Ferguson, R.Ph., M.B.A., LSSGB as a part of their Student Townhall Series. Students, faculty, and staff gathered via Zoom to learn more about this subject. Dr. Ferguson discussed minimizing implicit bias in health care, supporting health care professionals, and learning how providers can impact patient health.


The start of the webinar began with discussions related to power and bias and later touched on a variety of other topics including social determinants of health, economic stability, neighborhood built environment, and education access & quality. There were important conversations related to biases underrepresented minorities face when meeting with health care providers, and other barriers including lack of public transportation in underrepresented minority neighborhoods and language barriers.

Participants were asked how implicit bias impacts patient-provider communication, which allowed important conversations on how to minimize this issue has health care professionals. Lastly, it is crucial to understand how racism and mistrust can show up in pharmacy (and other health care professions). By becoming aware of implicit bias, health care professionals can take actionable steps to support underrepresented minorities and create a safe and welcoming environment.


Marvin Ferguson has 16 years of pharmacy practice experience. His previous role was with a Specialty Pharmacy as the Oncology and Growth Hormone lead. His focus was on patients with rare and complex conditions that required specialized care and therapies. This role included supporting members, their families, and caregivers by providing education and support to manage their medication therapy.

Marvin’s current role of Pharmacy Manager Clinical programs assures effective and compliant medication therapy management, opioid safety, care management and adherence programs.

In 2008, Marvin Founded IMONB LLC properties that provides housing to low income populations. In 2018 Marvin founded Let’s Get Healthy Cleveland, a 501c3 Nonprofit that provides clinical programs, education, and resources to all communities.   Marvin also started “Ask the Pharmacist” A radio show that showcases Health Care Professional in the area, Provides Clinical Education, and Resources for the community. Marvin serves as the Vice Chairmen and Health Chair for the 100 Black Men of Greater Cleveland. Marvin is also a proud member of The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. In Pharmacy implicit bias has challenged the Oath of “Do No Harm.” There is an expectation that a Pharmacist stay up to date on clinical guidelines and pharmacy law. Incorporate DEI training along with pharmacy practice and pharmacy law as a requirement for license renewal.

Dr. Ferguson has a Tedx Talk which goes more in depth on the subject and can be viewed here.

-Submitted by Chelsea Donovan


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