Medical Office Building Reminder

To all graduate study, medicine and pharmacy students:

Over the next few months, we will be finalizing the buildout of areas within our new medical office building. I’m sure many of you share in the excitement as the new University-use areas will be a welcomed addition to the academic and wellness services that we currently provide for students. As you may know, several areas and offices within the building will be held by others, including the Bio-Med Science Academy and Summa Health. Please note that these are not designed for public access, and therefore, are open only to authorized personnel, members or visitors. We look forward to both soft-openings of University-use areas as well as a grand opening for the entire building. Until communications suggest otherwise, please refrain from entering any area within the entire medical office building.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

--Submitted by Richard J. Kasmer, Pharm.D., J.D., vice president, Academic Affairs

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