Meet our new Medicine and MAS students!

After 25 sessions, three panels, four socials, two fairs, and 38 hours of orientation, NEOMED officially welcomed 162 first-year medicine students and 16 master's in modern anatomical science students into our community. What an amazing class of exceptional students!

The Class of 2025 Medicine Students and COGS MAS Students enjoyed five days of "NavigateNEOMED Orientation" focused on preparing them for their professional programs, igniting their NEOMED pride, celebrating their White Coat ceremony, connecting with peers, faculty, staff and leaders, and kicking off a successful first year which began this Monday.

Enjoy watching this video montage of their NavigateNEOMED Orientation week and be sure to welcome them to the NEOMED Community!

Sponsored by Student Services...Keeping Students at the Center of our Work

-Submitted by Sandra Emerick

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