Meet Your 2018-2019 Peer Advisors

Each year, second-year students from the Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy are selected to guide incoming first-year students. Whether it’s something as simple as a good-luck wish before an exam or more in-depth advising on study skills, Peer Mentors fill a helpful role as navigators for first-year Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy students.

“Since the first-year students often feel overwhelmed, it is nice for them to know that they can seek out guidance and support from Peer Advisors, who they feel comfortable going to as they adjust to the many pressures and stressors of medicine and pharmacy school,” says Harmony Stanger, the assistant director of student development and leadership in the Office of Student Affairs.

Meet your 2018-2019 Peer Advisors

Name Email College
Blake Bruce COP
Michael Chachko COP
Brandon Chahda COP
Jamee Colucci COP
Cody Davis COP
Zachary Herrington COP
Timothy Huskey COP
Kevin King COP
Leetsa Lambis COP
Mackenzie Lloyd COP  
Summer Matar COP  
Kaylee McCaffrey COP  
Erica McCoy COP  
Angie Morris COP  
Brian Musser COP  
Danielle Pagano COP  
Cara Parrish COP  
Nikola Radojkovic COP  
Roxanne Spitulski COP  
Julie Tirak COP  
David Whipkey COP  
Frank Zangare COP  


Name Email College
Kevin Adik COM
Neda Amirmokhtari COM
Rajalakshmy Arakoni COM
Prabhsimran Batra COM
Jasmine Binod COM
Pranav Bollavaram COM
Erin Burrier COM
Jared Cheatham COM
Matthew DeSanto COM
Robert DeVito COM 
Samuel Doerle COM 
Lydia Du COM 
Sagel Dubey COM 
Harshitha Dudipala COM 
April Enger COM
Angelo Guastella COM 
Carmen Javier COM 
David Johnson COM 
Hirva Joshi COM 
Puneet Kang COM
Shane Kaplan COM 
Shaili Kothari COM 
Emily Lather COM   
Claire Lewis COM   
Aspin Makadia COM   
Briana Makadia COM   
Irada Mamukadze COM   
Shane Mathew COM   
Volha Mazziotto COM   
Matthew McIntyre COM   
Trey Moberly COM   
Nathan Nahhas COM   
Krish Nair COM   
Charlie Nelson COM   
Mark Obri COM
Mason Page COM
Kaitlyn Patacca COM   
Aakaash Patel COM   
Dhara Patel COM   
Nicole Pavlatos COM   
Michelle Pfeffer COM   
Akhinav Raval COM   
Priya Singh COM 
Devon Smith COM 
Meredith Spitz COM 
Nicholas Srnick COM 
Emily Sullivan COM 
Venkat Tondapu COM 
Ahana Walia COM 
Andrew Whipkey COM 
Allyson Zabell COM 
Wenjuan Zhang COM 


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