Why do you eat? And when? What do you think about when you’re lifting that forkful of mashed potatoes or leafy greens?

Without making too much of it, there are ways to eat more thoughtfully that can really pay off, says Emily Workman, a registered dietitian nutritionist at Sequoia Wellness who gave a presentation Tuesday on Mindful Meals for NEOMED’s Wellness Week.

You’d better believe lunch was included for the session. Workman walked us through a zesty quinoa-chicken-garbanzo bean-sweet potato-watercress salad to learn a few skills. Using tips from sources including www.move.va.gov, Food for Thought and WebMD, Workman walked us through the steps below to practice a better eating experience.

Breathe: To begin any meal, make sure you’re away from the desk, definitely away from the tv or computer, then take a few deep breaths to slow down. Take a minute or two to center yourself and let the activities of the past hours go.

Observe your body: How hungry are you? Stomach-rumbling, can’t-wait ravenous, or just looking for a snack? Or are you actually thirsty? Are you looking forward to eating for emotional reasons more than because of true hunger?

Assess your food: Use all your senses to decide after the first few bites if this food is really what you want to eat right now.

Slow down: This will help you know when you’ve eaten enough, before you’ve eaten too much.

Chew thoroughly: This tip might seem to be for parents, but it applies to us adults, too.

Savor the flavors: Did you know that flavors taste different, depending on where in your mouth you taste them? That’s because of flavor receptors that have different roles in different locations.

For more information about Nutrition Services at Sequoia Wellness, email nutrition@sequoia-wellness.com.  



The event was part of Wellness Week, which continues through Friday.

A Wellness Fair with vendors will be held today from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. in the NEW Center Atrium, and a free yoga class will be held in the group exercise studios at Sequoia Wellness from 4:15-5:15 today. Read the full schedule.  


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