NEOMED Faculty Share Scholarship

For more than 25 years, the Fellowship in Academic Medicine (FAME) has successfully brought together health professions educators from NEOMED and its affiliated hospitals to advance their skills and competencies. In 2016, NEOMED Office of Faculty Development hosted its first FAME Academic Day at the Regula Conference Center to share innovation and academic scholarship emerging from the FAME fellowship program.

Faculty from the Cleveland Clinic-Akron General, Summa Barberton, Summa Akron City Hospital, Akron Children’s Hospital, St. Elizabeth Boardman, Mount Carmel Health System and Aultman Hospital presented their scholarly projects on a variety of topics on issues such as professionalism, assessment, interprofessional education, learner engagement, bedside teaching and technology in teaching. Winners in the poster presentations were: Ryan Nofziger- Best Innovative Project FAME 2016; Kevin Frey, M.D.- Best Oral Presentation FAME 2016; and Adarsh Gupta, M.D.- Best Poster FAME 2016.

The FAME Academic Day also marked the graduation of the 2016 cohort of FAME graduates. The Fellowship in Academic Medicine (FAME) graduating class of 2016 include: Asha Chakka, M.D.- Canton Medical Education Foundation; Kevin Frey, M.D.- Aultman Hospital- Department of Medical Education; Cary Jordan, Ph.D.– St. Elizabeth Boardman Family Medicine Residency;  Megan Knowles, M.D.- NEOMED/Akron Children's Hospital Locust Pediatrics; Sumira Koirala, M.D.- St. Elizabeth Health Center; Ryan Nofziger, M.D.- Akron Children's Hospital; Ifijen Oleghe, M.D. - Aultman Hospital; Imola Osapay, M.D.- Summa Barberton Hospital; Rupesh Raina, M.D.– Akron General Medical Center; Andrew Sitzmann, M.D.- Mount Carmel Health System, Family Medicine Residency; and Rebecca Teagarden, D.O., M.A.– Summa Health System Akron City Hospital.

Collectively the 2016 FAME cohort has completed 10 faculty development sessions at their respective residency programs, 10 peer-reviewed publication-ready scholarly articles, 10 poster abstracts and 10 innovation projects that have transformed education and patient care in their practice locations.

Abi Sriharan, M.Sc. (Oxon) DPhil, currently serves as the Program Director of FAME. Maria Ramundo, M.D., (Akron Children’s Hospital) currently serves as the Clinical Program Director of FAME. A new cohort of 10 fellows will start their fellowship journey in January, 2017.

A leadership panel started off the event with the graduates and numerous alumni in attendance.

Following the completion of the Leadership Panel, the graduates and several alumni presented their project abstracts during a poster presentation in the Bitonte Atrium. Each participant gave a timed oral presentation on their selected project and were judged by a panel consisting of Margy Sanders M.A., Barb Palmisano M.A. and Anita Pokorny MEd. Winners in the poster presentations were: Ryan Nofziger- Best Innovative Project FAME 2016; Kevin Frey, MD-Best Oral Presentation FAME 2016; and Adarsh Gupta, MD-Best Poster FAME 2016.

Lunch was held in the Great Hall A attended by graduates, family members and returning alumni. The keynote speaker for the event was Eugene Mowad, M.D., Associate Dean, College of Medicine.

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