NEOMED Prepares for New Academic Calendar

NEOMED’s academic calendar is preparing for some significant changes. By the summer of 2019, the current calendar structure will be replaced with a new calendar that has 16-week semesters, a summer semester and a “Maymester” term. The revamp means that the summer semester will start the new academic year, rather than end it.

The change is being brought about by a mandate from the State of Ohio, which requires that all public universities of higher education convert to a semester calendar system with fall and spring semesters of no less than 15 and no more than 17 weeks in length, including final exams and/or term papers. 

The University is coordinating the calendar shift to also help provide better opportunities for interprofessional training of students, as well as to encourage faculty to explore and integrate new technology and pedagogical methods that enhance content delivery and student engagement.

Details about how the calendar will look and what it means will be communicated through the website and The Pulse as information becomes available. It should be noted that the Maymester and summer semesters will be up to NEOMED’s discretion. This means the University can require one or more of the class years to use summer and/or Maymester as part of their curriculum, or not use summer but choose to use Maymester instead. 

Along with the new calendar, there will be a new system for course numbering, providing an easier, more efficient way to find and schedule classes.

Questions on the new academic calendar process?

Students and academic affairs staff: Contact Heidi Terry at

College of Medicine faculty and staff: Contact Lisa Weiss, M.D., at

College of Pharmacy faculty and staff: Contact Susan P. Bruce, Pharm.D., at

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