NEOMED Return to Campus

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Happy New Year!  Tuesday, January 19 begins our return to campus and we would like to not only welcome you back to campus in a new year, but to also remind you of the policies and protocols that are still in place.

The policies and protocols can be found at the Return to Campus section of the Coronavirus Updates on our website. Among them are continued mandatory requirements for face coverings, hand-washing and physical distancing; monitoring and reporting; and use of spaces and places within the University.

Flexible Work Arrangements

In September NEOMED announced a Flexible Work Arrangement policy.  In accordance with this policy, employees are permitted to request Flexible Work Arrangements, which may vary their daily work schedule or location in a way that balances the operational and educational demands of the University with the preferred work arrangement of its employees.  The goal of Flexible Work Arrangements is to improve employee wellness by creating better work-life balance and increasing employee recruitment and retention while maintaining a productive, efficient work environment. 

Key points:

  • The Flexible Work Arrangement Policy applies to all full-time employees of the University, unless specifically excluded based on job duties or scheduling demands of the University. This policy does not apply to student employees.
  • Flexible work arrangements do not in any way alter an employee’s rate of pay, benefit eligibility
  • Flexible Work Arrangements are meant to be implemented in a fair and equitable manner throughout the University, which may result in differing arrangements depending on job responsibilities, service obligations and departmental needs.
  • Flexible Work Arrangements are a discretionary benefit to eligible employees based on the needs of the University; such arrangements should not be viewed automatic or permanent in light of the varying roles and responsibilities of employees and changing needs of the University over time. 
  • The term “flexible work schedule” refers to adjustments that last longer than three months.

What you need to do next if you are considering requesting flexible work arrangements:

Employees who have unique challenges which may be covered under the Americans With Disabilities Act or Family and Medical Leave Act should contact Human Resources for guidance.

Thank you, 

Andre Burton, J.D.
Vice President for Human Resources and Diversity

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