NEOMED Stands United Against Hate and Racism

Dear NEOMED Community:

The tragic events of this past week sadden the NEOMED community as we mourn and stand with our Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community.

As we observe a moment of silence for each of the eight people who were killed in shootings at three Atlanta-area massage parlors on March 16, we want our AAPI community to know that we will not be a silent partner: We join the millions of voices that are speaking out against such racial hatred.

We recognize that six of the victims were women of Asian descent, and that these mass shootings highlight the hate crimes against the Asian American and Pacific Islander community that have been on the rise since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. With a spike of 150% in reported incidents of hate targeted at Asian Americans, the fears and frustration that many in our community face is beyond disbelief. It is deeply disturbing that these recent killings build upon the approximately 4,000 incidents of hate against Asian Americans over the past year.

In a nation built by and made of immigrants, it’s ironic but demonstrably true that xenophobia and racism are major issues of our time. The climate of the last few years, filled with hatred and the fear of the unknown, has fueled a resurgence of nationalism and racism. Against the flames of xenophobia and hate, we must rise in solidarity with all communities that have been victimized.

As a University we stand united against hate and racism. We stand for one community fueled by the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion. We must ― individually and institutionally ― do all that we can to celebrate our country’s great diversity and to structurally and systematically prevent such hate crimes from happening again. Our actions must be united, and we must demand accountability. We must achieve our goals through thoughtful, peaceful and impactful measures. 

Talking to someone during these troubling times can be helpful to many, particularly for those who have feelings of anxiety, sadness or frustration. We urge anyone who feels overwhelmed to reach out for counseling by contacting the following NEOMED service areas:

We also look for continued engagement during our NEOMED community Zoom forums called Stand Up and Fight for the Safety and Wellness of our Diverse Community.


John T. Langell                                  


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