NEOMED Students Maintain, Expand Walking Whales Garden

A dedicated group of NEOMED students are working to put a smile on people’s faces once they return to campus. Although there have not been as many students as usual to volunteer, a core group is maintaining and expanding the 1,000 square foot garden on NEOMED’s campus.

Adnan Raslan, M.D. (’20), and fourth-year medicine students Matt DeSanto and Omar Azem have been working tirelessly to make sure the Walking Whales Garden thrives during the spring and summer. The group can regularly be found toiling in the garden while wearing masks. They work in their own spots at least six feet apart from one another.

In addition to the basil, sweet potatoes and other goodies that can typically be found in the garden, the group is working on a colorful new addition – a 1,000 square foot sunflower patch that will double the overall size of the garden.

“The goal is to have it ready and vibrant by the end of the summer,” said Azem. “Our hope is that it will be useful boost for our community's collective mental health.”  

Photo: Matt DeSanto, at right, working in the garden in 2019


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