NEOMED Survey Policy Reminders and Updates

If you are a researcher who plans to gather information from NEOMED students, faculty or staff in a survey, then you’ll want to be aware that NEOMED has a procedure in place, outlined in the University’s survey policy.

The Office of Institutional Research oversees the process and has provided answers to some common questions:


Why do we have a survey policy?

For two primary reasons:

  1. To reduce survey fatigue and its negative effects upon survey results. This helps in two ways: by reducing stress that students already experience from their rigorous academic studies and by allowing researchers and administrators to get thoughtful, productive feedback.
  2. To organize, manage and coordinate the administration of surveys on campus. This will help to reduce the redundancy of survey requests.

I would like to conduct a survey. How do I get started?

Go to the Conduct A Survey page on the NEOMED website.

Note: Course and faculty evaluations are not considered surveys and do not fall under the University’s survey policy. Also, the term “survey” is sometimes used loosely. If you just want to gather information, for example, about the best time for a group of people to meet, you may not really need a survey. A product like Doodle Poll can help you collect that information.

What survey software should I use if I want to administer a survey?

NEOMED has signed a contract with Qualtrics LLC for University-wide use of the Qualtrics survey software, which provides a secure but also a very user-friendly survey platform. Qualtrics is the software approved by the NEOMED Institutional Review Board (IRB) for surveys used in human subject research.

Who may use the Qualtrics survey platform?

The survey software is intended for faculty and staff, but an exception may be made for student researchers within any of the three colleges if they are conducting a faculty-supervised research study. In that case, a temporary account would be created.

The Office of Institutional Research will guide you through the process.

Training for new Qualtrics software is available

Some changes in the way surveys are administered have taken place. You are encouraged to attend one of the Qualtrics training sessions offered by the colleges and the IR office. For information on training or any questions about the survey policy and process, email Lorans Jones, senior data specialist and Qualtrics brand administrator, at

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