NEOMED United Way Campaign Launch-Contributions Accepted until Thursday, Jan. 14

Dear NEOMED Faculty and Staff,

The Office of Human Resources has extended the opportunity to participate in the NEOMED United Way Campaign until this Thursday, January 14, 2021. This will allow for us to ensure that all employee contribution forms to the United Way of Portage County (UWPC) are completed in time for automatic and monthly deductions to start anew in February.

Thank you for your generosity over the years ― NEOMED’s total workplace giving campaign contributes an average of $15,000 each year.

Unfortunately, not much has been “usual” this year. We weren’t able to have our annual joint campaign launch with the UWPC. We weren’t able to hear from the dozens of community organizations and workers who ensure that those in need are being helped. We weren’t able to see the expressions of gratitude that come from families who benefit from employees and businesses that understand their social responsibility. But we don’t need to be physically present to know that many residents of Portage County who depend on our generosity, need us now, and more than ever before.

Although we are not distributing and accepting paper forms for your contribution elections this year, we are making the forms available in a fillable PDF format (see attachment). 

Please fill out this form, save it and email it to Dayonna Taylor, human resources coordinator, at She will also take your United Way of Portage County campaign questions via email. Forms are due by Thursday, January 14, 2021.

As you already know, this campaign helps to meet the health, financial (food, housing, income) and education needs of thousands of residents in Portage County. But the current crisis has exacerbated those needs.

With less giving and more people in need, we call on NEOMED employees to support the United Way of Portage County workplace giving campaign now.

Since we are issuing the forms late due to the pandemic, we will not be able to process payroll deductions at the start of January. Therefore, those who elect for monthly deductions on the form can simply divide their yearly total by 11, and the resulting monthly amount will be automatically deducted for contribution to the United Way of Portage County beginning in February.

To hear more, please take a look at this video message from President Langell, UWPC President Bill Childers and me.


Andre Burton, J.D.

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