Enrollment Services Offices Have Moved

As of Feb. 1, 2018:

  • The Office of Financial Aid is now located in Suite A102 (formerly Admissions).
  • Admissions is now located in R132 (formerly Registrar/ Office of Financial Aid). 
  • Registrar is now located in R121 (formerly Admissions)
  • Heidi Terry, Executive Director of Enrollment Services, is now in R131

New Office Locations in Enrollment Services: 

Enrollment Services:

Heidi Terry, Executive Director: R131

Financial Aid: 

Barb Berasi, Specialist (Temp): A102
Michael Kemp, Director: A102A
Sarah Moore, Assistant Director: A102B
Susan Moore, Counselor: A102C


Janice Williams, Specialist: R121
Shannon Miller, Specialist (Temp): R132
Carli Toth, Assistant Registrar (Interim): R128
Diane Beeman, Assistant Registrar: R129
Katherine Miranda, Registrar (Interim): R130


Robin Howard, Specialist: R132
McKenzie Munger, Specialist: R132
Jim Johnson, Specialist: R132
Jim Barrett, Director: R135
Kelly Skeekan, Assistant Director: R136
Jessica Green, Assistant Director: R137
Jill Thompson, Assistant Director: R138

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