NEW Summer Workshops for all incoming Medicine and Pharmacy Students

The Learning Center in the NEOMED Student Affairs office continues to enhance the NEOMED Prematriculation program. This summer, between July 5 and August 12, all incoming medicine and pharmacy students are invited to participate in a series of workshops held once a week on the NEOMED campus.

The workshop series includes:

“Meet the Professor” Hour
Every Wednesday at 9 a.m. from July 13-August 10.
During each session teaching faculty and course directors from first year medicine and pharmacy courses will speak with incoming students to provide students with the opportunity to learn more about their courses, to answer questions about course expectations, and to discuss strategies for preparing for a successful first year.

“Learning Lab” Workshops
Every Wednesday from 1-3 p.m. from July 13-August 10.
Learning Labs focus on implementing a new learning skill to improve academic performance. Skills include concept mapping, active learning, effective study groups, time management and success mindset. Students will have the opportunity to apply these new skills to familiar concepts.

Summer Colloquium Series
Tuesday July 5, 1-4 p.m. and Wednesday mornings, July 13-August 10.
NEOMED faculty and staff will provide one-hour workshops for incoming students on various topics to improve first year success including: overcoming test and performance anxiety, biochemistry conversations, professionalism in the clinical setting, clinical skills, balancing parenting and student responsibilities, library resources, embryology for the 3-D challenged, and histology skills, through lectures, student panels and resource fairs.

We extend our thanks to the faculty and staff around campus who have graciously donated their time to support our incoming students. We are also grateful for the substantial support offered by the NEOMED-CSU partnership and the Cleveland Foundation.

Please visit the Admitted Students page on the NEOMED website to view the full schedule.

Feel free to contact Viveka Jenks,, in the office of Academic Support for more information about these workshops.

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