Newly Launched Policy Portal

In an effort to facilitate the finding of University policies on the NEOMED website, the Office of General Counsel has worked with the Office of Public Relations and Marketing to develop a Policy Portal. The newly launched Policy Portal provides a single point of access for all University policies, thus creating a consistent look for all policies and indexing them in multiple ways to make finding policies easier. The portal also furthers the Universities commitment to website accessibility.

It is the responsibility of all individuals to identify and familiarize themselves with all applicable university and administrative policies.

Individual colleges or departments may maintain additional policies applying only to that college or department, that are not in conflict with university-wide policies. Such policies do not override university-wide policies and are often available on college or department-specific websites.

In addition to convenient access, the Policy Portal also provides information to campus on policy development. It is here you can learn the framework for determining how University policies are created, reviewed, approved, formatted and maintained within the University.

We ask that you familiarize yourself with the new policy portal, the polices within, and the information on policy development. Links to the portal can be found in the footer of, on the Faculty and Staff resources page, within the NEOMED Intranet or can be accessed directly by visiting We also ask that when linking to a University policy from another location (email, webpage, document, etc.) that you link directly to the individual policy webpage and not the policy PDF.

Questions about individual policies or policy development can be directed to the Office of General Counsel by emailing

Questions about the website or the portal can be directed to the digital marketing team at

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