November Student Support Spotlight Awarded

NEOMED cares about students. To give thanks to the offices that keep STUDENTS at the center of their work through outstanding services and support, Student Services has created the monthly Student Support Spotlight.

With nominations from students, Student Services will choose one office per month who is deserving of this honor. There is a traveling trophy that will be displayed in the workplace of the winner for the month in which that team has been selected. We want to take the time to showcase the teams on campus who truly keep students at the center of their work.

With nominations from students, this month’s recipient has clearly excelled in this area. To quote some of the nominators, the recipient was said to be “extremely friendly, helpful, and remembers the students" and “always there and always encouraging us".

For those reasons and many more, the November Student Support Spotlight goes to the Nook Bookstore Manager, Chris Kovacich!

Full nominations can be read here:

“Chris is always there and always encouraging us. She has a listening ear and takes great care to know each student by name. She makes sure our favorite items are in stock and keeps prices affordable.”

“Chris is extremely friendly, helpful, and remembers the students. She always seems happy to help and she makes the bookstore look great.”

“Chris is amazing, and she always has a bright and positive energy whenever someone enters the store. I wanted something that wasn't in the store and she special ordered it for me and even followed up with me when it was in stock. I always stop by the bookstore even if I'm not buying something just because she knows how to cheer you up!”

“I believe that the Nook Bookstore is well beyond deserving of the Student Support Spotlight for the month of September. More specifically, Ms. Chris Kovacich. With the influx of M1s, she has been sure to send out reminders and updates about some of the materials we will be needing to purchase. For example, when gowns were required for PDL GAPE, students received emails about when new shipments arrived. To go a step further in serving students, the bookstore was very accommodating during M1 COVID quarantine. A group of students were put into isolation quarantine and therefore could not make it to the bookstore to purchase dissection kits. Chris was willing to put together a list of students who reached out in need of a kit and she graciously set them aside until students were able to get to the bookstore. Beyond these examples, the Nook Bookstore is deserving of this award due to the kind, welcoming nature to incoming students and families. There is a sense of transparency in case there are other options available to inform students of their options. Questions are answered with respect and a warm, smiling face. Thank you for serving our students here at NEOMED!”

-Submitted by Ashley King

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