Opportunities for Medicine Students with the Ohio Army National Guard

Did you know that there are opportunities for medicine students to join the Ohio Army National Guard. The Guard has three missions:

  • The Guard supports the community.
  • The Guard continues its role as a state emergency force reacting to public needs in times of emergency such as flood, tornadoes and blizzards.
  • The Guard also has the responsibility to go on active duty to enhance the regular Army in time of national need and emergency.

Only Guard members who are completely trained in their skills can be called up.

Interested students are not required to attend basic training. The only training required for health care professionals is a three-week, three-day Officer Orientation course in San Antonio, TX. This course is designed to familiarize you with the military system. It must be completed within the first two years of commissioning and can be accomplished in lieu of your two week annual training for the year.

For more information download the National Guard Medical Students FACT sheet below. You can also contact CPT Matthew A. Fuhrhop:

CPT Matthew A. Fuhrhop
Specialty Branch Manager
Recruiting and Retention Battalion
Office: 614.376.5016

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