PC Replacement Cycle

The Department of Information Technology will begin the FY 2022 PC Replacement cycle on Monday, Aug. 2, 2021. This requires the exchange of approximately 211 campus devices.  

The overall project completion date is Friday, Nov. 19, 2021.   

NEOMED's fleet of desktop computers are leased devices. The university is required to return all leased computers on a specific timeline to avoid financial penalties imposed by the vendor for any device that is returned lateUnfortunately, due to a worldwide shortage of microchips, there was a delay in receiving replacement computers. We will attempt to work with the vendor in hopes of avoiding any penalties - regardless, we need to move quickly.  

The rollout of new computers will proceed in 3 groups:




Notification Date 



Group 1





Group 2





Group 3





This is a very aggressive timeline. Additionally, the groups are being determined by the device return date, and these return dates cannot be changed.

All individuals whose devices will be replaced during the FY22 cycle will be notified via email by Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2021 - if you do not receive an email by this date, you are not in the FY 2022 replacement cycle.

Individual groups will be notified via email on the notification date as listed in the chart above as to when their exchange will occur.

Once the email notification is received, individuals should, as soon as possible, prepare for the exchange by taking the following steps:

  1. Backup and remove personal and work information to One Drive, a flash drive or another device
  2. Locate and have available software licensing keys (i.e. Adobe)
  3. Prepare questions specific to your exchange ​

An IT representative will contact individuals within each group after the group notification date.

  • A replacement date will be arranged
  • Details regarding an individual exchange will be discussed 

We intend to expeditiously make the exchanges with as little impact on the end-user as possible. 

If there is a delay in returning the device due to cooperation in scheduling, the individual's department will be responsible for late charges.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation concerning this matter.

Best Regards,

Ron McGrady

Chief Information Technology Officer, NEOMED

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