Phone Tip for Working Offsite

NEOMED faculty and staff continue to report for work as usual. However, with precautions and concerns surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s wise to have contingency plans for working offsite.

A reminder for those of us who may not use our office landlines as much as our personal cell phones: It’s easy to transfer office calls to your personal phone.

Here’s how:

  1. Using your office phone, press “CFwdALL” (the gray tab to the right of “New Call” on the phone screen)
  2. Enter the number that you would like calls transferred to, starting with 9-1 and the area code

If done correctly, the bottom of the phone screen will read “Forwarded to (number office calls are being transferred to).”

To end the transferring of phone calls, simply press “CFwdAll” and calls will again go through to your office line.  

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