Picnic Fun Begins New Academic Year

Whether you chose to pick a duck or to pie a staffer (yes, "to pie" is a verb—just ask the folks in Student Affairs, once they wash their faces), the University’s welcome back picnic got students, faculty and staff together in the NEOMED courtyard to launch the 2018-19 year.

Considering the sun and humidity, the College of Graduate Studies win the prize for the most refreshing giveaways: fruity freezer pops.   

Those at the student counseling table were glad that so many students had stopped by to try their hand at winning a prize — and in the meantime, learned about the counseling services that are offered. Among those posing for caricatures or photos:  the new cohort of pharmacy students visiting from Anhui Medical University in China. Whether you were spending your first day on campus or enjoying the campus tradition, it was a chance to relax before the work begins.

Cheers to the new year! 

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