Podcast Picks, Episode 2: Environmental Wellness

Kate Hardy, a fourth-year student in the Biomedical Sciences program of the College of Graduate Studies, has written a series on her favorite podcasts related to the eight dimensions of wellness. She notes,

“Because podcasts are so abundant, there are countless choices for each of the eight dimensions of wellness. Below, I have included my podcast suggestions for the second dimension – environmental – marking my personal favorites with an asterisk.” 

Environmental Wellness: News

NPR News Now

(NPR, 5 min): Only the biggest, latest news (global, but mostly U.S.-centered); updated nearly every hour. Perfect for those who can’t (or don’t want to) spend a lot of time with the news that seems bleaker every day.

Global News Podcast*

(BBC, ~30 min): Daily podcast, the biggest news with some smaller stories at the end; relies heavily on interviews with field reporters across the world

Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me*

(NPR, 50 min): Does the news bum you out? Try listening to this hilarious news-themed game show where comedians answer questions about current events.

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