President Langell’s COVID-19 Zoom Update

A “Stay at Home” order from Gov. DeWine Sunday, March 22, has escalated the plans already in place at NEOMED, President Langell said in a live Zoom meeting with the  University community Monday, March 23.

In his live address, Dr. Langell discussed the latest campus updates and recent announcements and thanked the NEOMED community for stepping forward to continue its work in everything from delivering education to students to delivering mail and keeping the campus safe.

At the end of the session, answering a question about whether out-of-state students should stay local or go home, Dr. Langell responded that third- or fourth-year students considering leaving the area should keep in mind that the landscape continues to change; they could later be asked to return to a clinical facility. With ever-changing travel restrictions, plans may take an unexpected turn.

The crisis is so great in Europe that some students have been graduated early, said Dr. Langell. Many of us may be asked to step up and do things earlier than we expected.

View the full address, and find more information

View the full recording below, which includes Dr. Langell’s response to questions. A continuously updated archive of communications related to COVID-19 can be found at Campus Advisories.  

Below are some of the topics and questions covered on Monday’s COVID-19 update. (More  information can also be found at Campus Advisories.):

  • Zero-percent loans are available for students with emergency needs.
  • Student exams to be online. Contact deans of colleges for details.
  • Policies on who may come to campus and temperature policy
  • Research considerations, including impact on tenure.
  • Third- and fourth-year medicine residencies, including accreditation considerations
  • Concern from College of Pharmacy students regarding their rotation obligations
  • Commencement options being discussed and concerns about graduating on time
  • Probable extension of online classes through end of semester
  • Lean Six Sigma opportunity for people to work at home
  • Choices available for employees (paid or unpaid leave)

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