Promotion of Elaine Guregian

Please join me in congratulating Elaine Guregian on her promotion to director of publications and communications.

As assistant director for the Office Marketing and Communications since 2015, Elaine’s main role has been to provide strategic leadership for and execution of storytelling that weaves relevant human-interest stories throughout our publications and communication channels. Our goal has been to build awareness and affinity for our brand and to promote the work and accomplishments of students, faculty, researchers and others in the NEOMED community.

Elaine has been extremely effective throughout: building a culture of storytelling; planning and writing many of the daily stories for The Pulse and our NEOMED website; and managing the entire production of Ignite, our semi-annual magazine. Her role is critical not only for the volume of the articles written (approximately 20 new articles on The Pulse and website each week), but also for the internal relationship-building, story discovery, interviewing, transcribing, proofreading and editing of content that informs other marketing and communications initiatives.

Her signature product, namely Ignite magazine, has resulted in exactly what we envisioned ― a human-interest publication that uses storytelling and the humanities to activate our brand.

Ever the enthusiast for customer engagement, Elaine doesn’t rest on Ignite’s successes ― the magazine has won 27 local, regional and national awards combined. Instead, she has embraced our desire to enhance our services to all internal clients through other marketing and communications means. As we continue to expand our strategic MarCom analysis and planning services, she has been a key member of several communications planning efforts.  

Elaine’s work, strategic guidance and willingness to take on increased challenges enable the Office of Marketing and Communications to serve 70-plus areas across the University.

Kudos to Elaine on a promotion that is well deserved!
Roderick L. Ingram Sr.

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