Promotions and Additions in the College of Medicine

The College of Medicine Dean's Office Medical Education is excited to announce recent promotions and additions to its team. These new roles are aimed to better support the curriculum and needs of students and faculty.

  •  Joann Hayes, Natalie Milone and LuAnne Stockton have been promoted to curriculum managers. LuAnne and Natalie will manage the curriculum coordinator team and day-to-day curriculum operations, and Joann will focus on curriculum-related projects, such as semester course schedule development.
  • Vanessa Painter and Emmie Wagner have joined the team as curriculum coordinators and will support the foundational science courses in the College.
  • Angie Veppert has joined the team as curriculum administrative specialist and will be providing high-level support to the Med-Ed team as well as CMAC and its subcommittees.
  • Jennifer Hillyer is the new director of Faculty Development in the College, and will be working closely with COM faculty to support teaching and learning excellence in the COM curriculum.

Please join me in congratulating Natalie, LuAnne and Joann on their well-deserved promotions, as well as welcoming Angie, Vanessa, Emmie and Jennifer to NEOMED!

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