Puppies Linked to Bacterial Infection Outbreak

How can something as sweet as a puppy be associated with an infection that makes humans miserable for days on end? After the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention linked a recent outbreak of Campylobacter (an infection that causes people to become ill with diarrhea, cramping, abdominal pain and fever) to puppies sold through Petland, a national pet store chain, Self  magazine looked into the matter. The magazine interviewed infectious disease specialists including Richard Watkins, M.D., an associate professor of internal medicine at NEOMED who practices at Cleveland Clinic Akron General.

Dr. Watkins told the magazine that when people come into contact with Campylobacter, they don’t typically get sick immediately. The bacteria incubates in your body for up to seven days before you develop symptoms. He added that because diarrhea is involved, staying hydrated is key.

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