Reorganization of roles of College of Graduate Studies (COGS) Program Coordinators

The College of Graduate Studies is preparing for significant programmatic growth. To support growing programmatic needs for COGS students and faculty, the job descriptions of the COGS Program Coordinators have been reorganized into new function-based roles to accommodate this scalability. This reorganization, effective Oct. 1, 2020, will serve to provide more specialized support to both our new and existing graduate programs as well as supporting interfaces between COGS and other University departments.

The new function-based roles are listed below:

Program Coordinator

Prior Role

New Role

Phil Jenkinson

Supported the Medical Ethics and Humanities programs

Business operations and student success initiatives

Greg Koman

Supported the Modern Anatomical Sciences program

Admissions process, orientation, and marketing efforts

Kelly Shrock

Supported the Health-System Pharmacy Administration and Integrated Pharmaceutical Medicine Programs

Curriculum, course approval, and NEOMED’s learning management system

Each of the COGS Coordinators looks forward to working with University faculty, staff and students in their new roles. Thank you for supporting this transition.

Steven Schmidt, Ph.D.
Dean of the College of Graduate Studies

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