Reporting Professionalism Concerns

Professional behavior is an expectation of the entire NEOMED community. By ensuring that everyone is committed to the highest level of professional behavior in the classroom, the clinical setting and the NEOMED environment, we can be more focused on our goals to serve our patients and our communities.

Professionalism includes a commitment to behaviors that support:

  • teamwork,
  • trusting relationships,
  • responsibility, and
  • self-improvement.

NEOMED utilizes a process for recording and reporting breaches in professional conduct through use of the professionalism concern note. The procedure explaining this note and the manner in which we as a campus address these concerns can be viewed online.

Any faculty, staff or student may confidentially report a professionalism concern. Patterns of unprofessional behavior are addressed through meetings with faculty and possible referral to the Committee on Academic and Professional Progress (CAPP).

Our goal is not to be punitive, but rather to educate individuals about the expectations for professional conduct at NEOMED.

If you witness a concern, please complete the professionalism concern form, which can be found in the following locations:

Students reporting professionalism concerns may do so anonymously, however no negative action will affect any reporting student who provides his/her name. Questions about the form and procedure can be directed to or b calling Dr. Sandra Emerick, Chief Student Affairs Officer at 330.325.6759.

Thank you and have a great fall term.

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