Return to Normalcy: HR Guidance

Dear Faculty and Staff,

As announced in the campus update on Monday, May 24, employees who are willing to show proof of full vaccination may visit Human Resources in suite G-210 so that we can visually verify your vaccination status. 

If you previously submitted your vaccine card through the Secure Document Upload process in Banner, no further action is needed as your vaccine status has been documented and you may participate in the Return to Normalcy option as a fully vaccinated individual.

If you previously indicated via the Microsoft Forms link that you received the vaccine (yes or no option only), you will need to physically present the card in Human Resources in order to be documented as fully vaccinated and be able to participate in the Return to Normalcy option.

As an added effort, Human Resources will ensure that those who are fully vaccinated received the credited sick time as part of the vaccine incentive. 

Please contact Human Resources at (330) 325-6729 or with questions.


Human Resources

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