RGE Building HVAC Work This Saturday

NEOMED RGE employees,

This Saturday, chilled water lines will need to be moved on the fourth floor to accommodate new ductwork for the fourth floor buildout. Therefore, the chilled water system will need to be drained and then re-filled once the work is complete. Campus Operations does not expect any major temperature fluctuations but the air handlers may need to be shut down for a while if the outside air temperature gets too warm. Some lab hoods may go into alarm if the air handlers are shut down. Jesse Zampedro is aware of the situation. Reach out to Jesse after 5 p.m., Saturday, if the fume hoods are still alarming.

The work is scheduled to start at 6 a.m.  We are hopeful it will all be completed by early afternoon.

Dale Hluch
Director, Campus Operations

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