Save the Date! Giving Day 2020 Set to Kickoff March 17

Those of us with a green thumb love planting — the fresh air and sunshine, the feeling of getting your hands dirty, the tranquil peacefulness, and the sense of accomplishment all make it a pleasurable experience. As the garden flourishes, the gardener is rewarded with a bounty of healthy, colorful and occasionally tasty options that brightens their yard and nourishes their body and contributes to the health of the environment.

The Blue Fund works in the same way.

There are many positive feelings associated with giving to help our students, and your generosity pays off in more unintentional ways. It not only helps make their education more affordable, but has other far-reaching benefits, such as students volunteering to help the community, and even giving new opportunities to the future health care practitioners who impact the quality of care in Northeast Ohio and throughout the entire nation. You’re not only giving to the Blue Fund, you’re giving for your health.

Huntington is back to match gifts totaling up to $35,000! Maximize your gift during Giving Day, kicking off at noon on Tue., March 17 through noon Wed., March 18. Help the cause further by being a social media ambassador for Giving Day.

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