Schedule Meetings More Easily - Microsoft FindTime

While some may be familiar with this Outlook add-in, NEOMED IT recently rolled out Microsoft FindTime to all NEOMED email accounts and is now available for use within Outlook. In short, FindTime allows you to schedule meetings more easily, using meeting polls, calendar integration, and automation. 

FindTime shows you available days and times that work best for you and meeting attendees, allows attendees to vote on which dates and times they prefer, and then automatically have a meeting invite sent to everyone based on their responses. FindTime has been found to work better than other meeting polling apps because of its integration with NEOMED email accounts and visibility into calendar availability to identify the ideal dates and times that work the best for all NEOMED participants, while also enabling attendees from other organizations to vote on their preferences. 

For more information on FindTime and how to start scheduling meetings with it, please refer to our Knowledge Base article, Microsoft FindTime – How to Schedule Meetings.

-Submitted by Jonathan Wagner

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