SOAR Student-Run Free Clinic Announces Blog

Students, faculty, community members, donors, and volunteers,

OutReach is proud to present its new blog on! With a growing interest in OutReach and a growing patient population at SOAR Student-Run Free Clinic, we wanted to create a way to keep you all up to date on what is going on in our organization. This blog will describe a wide variety of OutReach related activities. Whether you are interested in what the volunteers are learning at the clinic, want to get involved in supporting OutReach or are curious about upcoming activities, the blog and our social media pages will have everything you need. We will be posting as often as every week. Our goal is to use our blog and social media to engage and update our OutReach supporters, while not bombarding your email with countless newsletters. Congruent with our goal, this is the only email you will be receiving from us regarding updates. Please follow us on twitter and like us on Facebook! Check the blog for weekly updates.

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