Sorry for the Inconvenience

The front stairway located at the east entrance of the NEW Center will be closed beginning Dec. 19 through January 2020 due to construction. The elevators next to the stairway will remain open and temporary signage ― directing visitors to the rear stairway (located on the north side of the atrium outside of the Watanakunakorn Auditorium) ― will be placed throughout.

You may have also noticed that the falling water at the Richard W. Lewis Waterfall has been temporarily disabled. This is due to pending repairs and modifications for the waterfall. In the meantime, you might want to change any references such as “meet me at the waterfall” until renovations are complete. 

As construction takes place throughout the NEW Center, we are excited about the expanded health, education and wellness services that we are bringing to the NEOMED community and beyond.

And while additions, such as Yunbelievable Smiles, the Rootstown Community Pharmacy drive-thru (coming soon) and the Medical Office Building, will ultimately enable us to holistically serve the community, we are appreciative of your patience and understanding of any inconveniences that occur along the way.

Thank you,

Andy Malitz
Executive Director, The NEW Center

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