Speaking Out on Gun Violence

On June 6, when Research!America convened politicians, scientists and the business community at forum hosted by NEOMED, the focus was on the need for funding of scientific research. After the mass shooting in Orlando on June 12, R!A President and CEO Mary Woolley made the case for another kind of research: on gun violence.

In a statement, Woolley wrote, “The mass shooting in Orlando is another horrific reminder that Congress must move swiftly to remove barriers to better understanding and thus more effective prevention of gun violence.This means putting research to work….We must make finding solutions to preventing gun violence a national priority, similar to the way we made it a priority to address public safety hazards to better prevent deaths and accidents from automobiles and swimming pools….more

In late July, Jeffrey W. Swanson, Ph.D., a Duke University professor who is nationally recognized for his research on the epidemiology of violence and serious mental illness-- as well as his research on laws and policies to reduce firearms violence-- will be on campus to consult with NEOMED. During the same visit, he will present a Grand Rounds lecture at Cleveland Clinic Akron General Hospital.

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