Stand Up and Fight

As the NEOMED community meets at events like today’s University forum to talk about racism and the death of George Floyd, articles like “Remembering Freddie Gray: Medical Education for Social Justice” remind us of the lack of progress that’s been made.

Co-authors Delese Wear, Ph.D. (then a professor in the College of Medicine and in the Department of Family and Community Medicine); Joseph Zarconi, M.D. (’85); professor and chair of the Department of Internal Medicine; and Julie M. Aultman, Ph.D., professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine, wrote the article, along with co-authors Michelle R. Chyatte, Dr.PH.; and Arno K. Kumagai, M.D.

Dr. Zarconi adapted the article into a piece titled “With Justice for All: Medical Education, Post-Freddie Gray,” which appeared in the Spring 2017 issue of NEOMED’s Ignite magazine. He wrote then, “Given what is known about the alarmingly prevalent health care disparities that exist for minority communities as their case is compared to that received by their Caucasian counterparts, it seems clear that the number of minority lives lost as a result of unjust and uninformed health care practices is many orders of magnitude greater than what has been reported in the arena of law enforcement.

“It would follow then, that the need for better ways to train health care practitioners aimed at mitigating the injustices of health care practice is much more acute.” 

View the full Academic Medicine article.

Attend Stand Up and Fight for the Safety and Wellness of Our Diverse Community from 10-11:30 a.m. Thursday, June 11. A Zoom invitation was sent via Outlook to the campus.

The forum is designed not only to engage in honest conversations about racism, but also to establish purposeful actions that can bring positive change to all systems that play a role in the racist activities and negative interactions that many black and brown people encounter.

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